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Registration Procedures

How to Register for Classes

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Registration Time - Time Ticket

All eligible continuing and re-entry students are assigned a Registration Time Ticket, according to priorities established by campus policy. The Registration Time Ticket is the first time a student can access UI-Integrate Self-Service registration for the term. You will be able to access your Registration Time Ticket under Registration Eligibility in UI-Integrate Self-Service. (Contact: if you cannot access your Time Ticket). Within each priority grouping, Registration Time Tickets are assigned in intervals first by student level and then by the number of hours completed and in progress, according to campus policy.

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Eligibility to Register

In general, students currently enrolled in degree programs at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign can register early. You may not register early if you are:

  • A part-time nondegree student.
  • A student graduating prior to the registration term, unless you have been admitted to a graduate, professional, or second baccalaureate degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for the registration term.
  • A student newly admitted to a University degree program. Information about your initial registration procedures will be included in your Notice of Admission and orientation materials.

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Academic and administrative offices may place holds on your record, cancel your registration, or withdraw you from classes for academic reasons, funds owed to the university, judicial reasons, and for failure to meet medical/immunization requirements. Registration holds prevent any registration activities, including adding or dropping classes. Some holds may also prevent you from receiving transcripts, receiving grades, or processing your graduation requirements in addition to preventing any registration activity.

If you have a hold on your record, resolve it with the appropriate campus office as soon as possible. Holds on your record preventing registration can be viewed within UI-Integrate Self-Service under Registration Eligibility or View Holds.

Academic advising is recommended for all students and is required in most programs. You are encouraged to meet with your adviser to discuss your plan of study before registering for classes. 

An advising hold may be placed on your record if you are in a college/department in which advising is a mandatory prerequisite to registration. In such cases you must complete an advising session before your college/department will clear you to enroll. For additional information on the advising hold, please contact your college office.

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Enrollment Requirements and Prerequisites

Many courses carry prerequisites and other enrollment requirements such as "instructor approval," "enrollment limited to majors," "seniors only," "honor students," etc. These requirements are listed with each course and many are computer controlled. You are expected to comply with these prerequisites and enrollment requirements. Failure to do so may result in your being removed from the course. Should you have questions regarding these requirements, please contact the teaching department.

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"Authorization Only" Courses

Some courses require departmental authorization prior to registration. If you are interested in a restricted course listed in the Class Schedule you should consult the teaching department prior to your Registration Time Ticket. If you meet the enrollment requirements for the course, the department will authorize you online to enroll in the course. You, in turn, must register for the course using UI-Integrate Self-Service.

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Linked Sections

Some courses require students to take two section types at the same time such as a lecture and a lab. If you fail to register for both section types you will receive a "link error message." If you receive this error message you will need to register for both section types at the same time.

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Maximum/Minimum Enrollment Levels

The maximum amount of credit in which a student can enroll without special overload approval from his/her college office is:

For Fall and Spring Terms:

  • Undergraduate, 18 hours
  • Graduate and Veterinary Medicine, 20 hours
  • Law, 16 hours

For Summer Session:

  • Undergraduate, 9 hours
  • Graduate and Veterinary Medicine, 12 hours
  • Law, 6 hours

If you wish to enroll above the established maximum, consult your college office.

UI-Integrate Self-Service will not display a warning message if you are not enrolled in a full course load for the term. Enrollment below the minimum may jeopardize your financial aid status, progress towards a degree, or visa status if you are an international student. Full-time enrollment for students in a fall or spring term is 12 or more hours.

College approval is required for undergraduate students to carry a load of fewer than 12 hours in a fall or spring term.

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Credit-No Credit

The credit-no credit grading option is designed to encourage students to explore areas of academic interest that they might otherwise avoid for fear of poor grades. All students considering this option are cautioned that many graduate and professional schools consider applicants whose transcripts bear a significant number of non-grade symbols less favorably than applicants whose transcripts contain none or very few. Likewise, in computing a preadmission grade-point average, some schools may convert the NC symbol to a failing grade because they do not know whether the actual grade was a D or F.

Credit-no credit courses are not counted toward the grade-point average, but are included as part of the total credit hours and are assessed as credit hours.

Instructors are not informed of those students in their classes who are taking work under the credit-no credit option and they report the usual letter grades at the end of the course. These grades are automatically converted to CR or NC. Grades of C- or better are required to earn credit.

The credit-no credit option is not available on UI-Integrate Self-Service. Should you wish to elect this option, please consult your college office or graduate department.

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Policy on Inter-college Transfer

An inter-college transfer applicant is one who is currently registered in an undergraduate college at UIUC and who wishes to be considered for admission to another undergraduate college at UIUC. Inter-college transfer applicants are considered on the basis of the inter-college admission requirements of the new college and availability of space in the chosen programs. This policy does not apply to students in the Graduate College or a professional college.

The campus has designated two periods each term for inter-college transfer. They are:

  • Two weeks prior to the beginning of the Registration Period for each term. Curriculum changes will not be allowed after registration begins.
  • One week prior to the start of instruction for the term through the first week of instruction.

If you intend to apply for inter-college transfer, you should do so within these designated time frames. Your access to certain courses is dependent upon your college of enrollment.

Read more information about this topic at the Provost's website.

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Student Health Insurance

The University's Board of Trustees requires that all students be covered by an insurance plan. Therefore, the University provides a plan for which the fee is automatically assessed along with other tuition and fees.

Request for exemption from the health insurance fee, extension of coverage, purchase of dependent coverage, etc., are limited to specific time periods at the beginning of each semester. See Student Health Insurance Plan section in the Class Schedule for deadline dates and instructions, and the Student Insurance Office website for more information.

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Canceling Your Registration

Before the end of the business day before the first day of instruction, you may cancel your registration and be relieved of all tuition and fee charges. You may cancel your registration in one of the following ways:

  • Online by using UI-Integrate Self-Service, no later than the day before the first day of instruction of the term you wish to cancel. You will not be permitted to drop your last class on UI-Integrate Self-Service. You may drop all but your last class, then use the electronic notification of intent to cancel your registration. This electronic notification is time stamped, and must be submitted no later than midnight before the first day of instruction to be eligible for cancellation.
  • By submitting a request for cancellation of registration to the Office of the Registrar. The request must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on the business day before the first day of instruction of the term you wish to cancel. Requests by mail should be addressed to the Office of the Registrar, 901 West Illinois Street, Urbana, IL 61801.
  • In person at the Records Service Center, 901 West Illinois Street, Suite 140, by 5:00 p.m. on the business day before the first day of instruction of the term you wish to cancel.

If you cancel your registration and do not plan to return for a future term, you must also cancel any future courses for which you have registered.

If you either attend a class or use campus services and then wish to leave the University, you must officially withdraw: Summer withdrawal, Fall withdrawal or Spring withdrawal.

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